Namaste ICCMO-22nd Biennial International Congress of ICCMO

Namaste ICCMO-22nd Biennial International Congress of ICCMO

Join us for Namaste ICCMO- 22nd Biennial Congress of ICCMO

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    Goa, India

May 4-7, 2023

Join us at the 22nd Biennial International Congress of College of Craniomandibular Orthopaedics’ (ICCMO) to learn how to utilise the protocol of Neuromuscular Dentistry to treat TMD, Sleep apnea & postural disorders. We bring together dental professionals from around the world to share knowledge on neuromuscular dentistry – including TMJ and related topics like occlusal trauma, facial pain, and craniofacial anomalies.

We have been organizing this conference for the last 40 years in different cities across the globe. With over 200 attendees and 50+ speakers, ICCMO Goa is your chance to gain new insights & knowledge on the latest topics in neuromuscular dentistry & TMD.

Who attends ICCMO?
We welcome all dental professionals, from students to industry experts. We also welcome hygienists, therapists, orthodontists and surgeons who are interested in learning more about neuromuscular dentistry.

What will I learn?
There are several presentations covering a wide range of topics. You'll hear about new techniques, emerging research and developments in diagnosis and treatment methods. There will be opportunities for one-on-one mentoring with world-renowned experts.
The strength of ICCCMO lies in its inclusiveness. Various schools of thought and equipment manufacturers like TRB-Duedent NM Orthodontic lab, Myotronics, Bio Research , T-Scan, Vivos (DNA appliance) SDiMatrix etc, will be showcasing their products with special offers and an entire day dedicated to training workshops.

When & where is ICCMO Conference held?
The Congress will be held at The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort – Goa from May 4th – 7th 2023.

What Else Awaits?
Take that deserved vacation to India. Goa is more than just colourful facades, it's vibrant and cosmopolitan culture, world-class cuisine, rich culture and heritage, breath-taking natural beauty of white sands, lagoons and rocky coastline.

Meet the elite speakers:
• Dra Milagros Rivolta, DDS, FICCMO 
• Dr. Raj Rav, BDS, PhD, MICCMO
• Dr. Konstantin Ronkin, DMD, PhD, LVIF, MICCMO, FIAPA
• Dr Girish P V, BDS, MDS
• Dr Prabu Raman, DDS, MICCMO, LVIM
• Dr Blum Stanislav, Specialist in Orthodontics and TMD, FICD, FICCMO
• Dr Javier Vasquez, DDS, MICCMO
• Dr Ira Shapira, DS, MICCMO
• Dr Carlos Capmourteres, DDS, MICCMO
• Dr Masateru Miyoshi, DDS, MICCMO
……. And 30 others

There's special offers runningfor s discount on registration. Please contact Dr. Elvia on +91 870-0723206